I am a web and graphic designer, and also a lecturer of visual culture and art history. My research and teaching address questions of colonisation, power, violence and gender in visual culture and archival practices.

I have more than two decades of experience in graphic and web design ranging from corporate clients like FORD Malaysia, and HSBC to NGOs like the Malaysia AIDS Council, WITNESS, AWID and Sisters in Islam. 

I co-founded the Malaysia Design Archive (MDA), a platform to trace the development of graphic design and visual culture in Malaysia. I have been the main driver for the vision and aim of MDA, and brings to the team a strong understanding of the field, both in practice and theory, as well as in networks of practitioners, innovators and thinkers. I am responsible for building the initial wealth of the archive materials, as well as providing a framework for organising and thinking through them to contribute to the articulation of Malaysian design history that is distinct from a Western canon.

The archive was initially an online repository that become widely used as a resource by both design practitioners as well as students in the field of graphic design and art, which has since grown to involve several public engagement activities of different scales including exhibitions and talks, and since May 2017, a physical archive space with membership, research clusters, workshops, talks and other types of public engagement programming.

In recognition of MDA’s decade-long dedication to creating a resource of Malaysian art and design work, Malaysia Design Archive was awarded the Grand Award for Culture at the 2017 Design for Asia Awards in Hong Kong.

I am also one of the founding members of Sejarah Wanita, a project to unearth, document and highlight women’s contributions to the history of Malaysia.
Now my two main focus area is to use visual communications for advocacy for rights-based organisations; and designing archives in support of human rights and social justice whilst thinking about taxonomy, digital recordkeeping and the complexities and politics of extraction between communities and institutions.
I am currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
This is a living document, last updated on October 2023. I acknowledge the Temuan Indigenous (Orang Asli) community on whose ancestral land I live and work.
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