Ezrena Marwan is the founder of Malaysia Design Archive, a digital platform that aims to give context to the history of graphic design in Malaysia. She is also the convener of Perempuan Pereka, an initiative to amplify voices of women in the arts, as well as co-founder of Sejarah Wanita, an archive of women’s history.

Ezrena is a graphic designer passionate about women’s rights, history and design. She upholds the 1964 Design Manifesto that calls for “a reversal of consumerism and profit driven priorities in favor of more useful, lasting and democratic forms of communications”.

Her work has been featured in AIGA (the professional association for design), Desain Grafis Indonesia (Indonesian Design Council), Hong Kong Design Centre, The Design Observer and mentioned in The Guardian and Al Jazeera. She is also a TEDxKL alumni where she presented on The Story of Graphic Design in Malaysia.

Contact : ezrena (at) malaysiadesignarchive.org | Twitter | LinkedIn